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Gordon Pask diagram explaining the relation between enviornment and observer.

Gordon Pask defined cyberarchitecture as a system structured by the following stages:

  1. Objectives: limits and evolution.
  2. Environmental materials.
  3. Selection of system invariants.
  4. Adaptation to the environment.
  5. Development Plan.

Pask defines the selection of invariants and the evolution of the system as a relation between its stability and its transformation.  Thus, cyberarchitecture can be understood as an open system in continuous interaction with the environment, between the system and the eco-system, whose main characteristic, complexity, requires the formation of an interdisciplinary structure.

from agit-prop to free space p120 b

Fun Palace Cybernetic Diagram.

5 thoughts on “CYBER-ARCHITECTURE. Gordon Pask

  1. I am very interested in the ideas here. Where are the diagrams from? Have you got a reference for Pask using the term “cyberarchitecture”? Regards Russell


  2. Gordon Pask was Norbert Wiener’s disciple, who wrote the seminal about “Cybernetics”. He belongs to second generation cyberneticians together with John Frazer. Gordon Pask, the “dandy of the cybernetics” how he was used called, designed together with Cedric Price the cybernetic control of Fun Palace project over a perior of ten years. Both of them were part of the Fun Palace committee together with Joane Littlewood. Later, Cedric Prica kept working with John Fraze in other projects as Generator. There’re serveral books published by Samantha Hardigham which approch this matter. “Experiments in Architecture” has a chapter about this issue. Later John Frazer wrote the intriguing “An evolutionary architecture” published by AA.


    • Thank you for the references. It is particularly Pask’s use of the term cyberarchitecture that I am interested in. Does he mention it in regard to the Fun Palace? Do the diagrams come from the Cedric Price Archive? Regards Russell


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